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:: The Hedrons ::
08 November 2006 / Night & Day / Manchester
By Ged Camera

In the aftermath of the In The City festival when gig goers gorge themselves on a glut of bands, the sparse crowds on a wet Wednesday in Manchester during the aftermath may be understandable but there’s always the chance that deserving bands will get overlooked.

With (predominantly) all girl groups such as the Pipettes and the Puppini Sisters attracting favourable headlines, another foursome is emerging with an angsty determination in the shape of the Hedrons. As the Glaswegian girls take to the stage, what’s left of the crowd actually leave their seats and move up to in eager anticipation - the first time that has happened tonight.

The quartet start with vocalist Tippi bouncing on her toes at the back, before attacking the mic with a fervour and gusto that seems in a greater proportion than that of the crowd. Chi (Bass) and Rosie(guitar) face off against each other with large grins on their faces, whilst Tippi throws out contorted body shapes and threatening figures.

Songs kick in with a vibrancy and fact pace that’s reminiscent of the much loved Kenickie. The set moves up a notch when Tippi straps on the guitar and the riffs fly out, in a punked up 1-2-3 manner that gets people moving and shaking. Chi’s black as thunder bass line on “Heat seeker” provides plenty of variety to avoid the ”each song sounds the same” syndrome

The birds are flying high tonight

Pics with kind permission (c) 2006 Ged Camera

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