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:: Remote :: Stephen Jones ( Bizarro Adult Nappies & Moco) ::
05 March 2003 / Lux Bar / Wigan
By Jonathan Roby

Four young moody lads from Wigan with an arsenal of sonic guitars and songs, laden with attitude and ‘sussed’ cool. Sound familiar? Not quite Remote have the imagination and style to go much further then emulate their heroes. Although they may wear their influences on their sleeves and the likes of the Doves, Stone Roses and New Order can be heard in their songs. Remote have a definite grasp of that classic ‘Mancunian’ musical tendency of making the melancholic sound beautiful.

Crammed onto a tiny stage the band wrestle great tunes out of the limited surroundings with Ben Nicholson’s assured bass playing and Robin Gibson plucking heady tunes out of his guitar, songs such as ‘One Side Out of My Head’ and ‘And Life’ are particularly catchy, with their driving rhythms, hooks and yearning vocals. The lads are presently demoing and writing new material and with a growing fan base it is coming as no surprise that their music is getting more and more attention.

Wigan’s brightest hope recently has been the NME approved Moco. Tonight billed as the singer Stephen Jones’s solo debut, the approving crowd enter the strange and twisted world of a one-man entertainer and eccentric. The side project ‘Bizarro Adult Nappies’ features unsurprisingly the scrawny nappy wearing Mr Jones alongside a band playing a variety of children’s instruments. The night is clearly not about the music but an assault on our senses and eardrums. However, only the most humourless individual could not be entertained by the ensuing debacle and freak show. It is only towards the end of the evening, when joined by fellow Moco band members Nick ‘Beef on the Bass’ Higham and Anthony ‘The Worm’ Rigby, that it becomes slightly more orthodox with the band running through the catchy ‘There She Goes.’ One thing for sure it was a night to remember in more ways than one!

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