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:: Sucioperro :: Trojan Horse :: Elohymn ::
15 June 2010 / The Roadhouse / Manchester

~trojan horse~

As the drains and service pipes of Manchester’s streets are dug up in the vicinity of the city's finest underground club, I marvel once again at the mighty sound that emanates from the fairly diminutive and often unassuming TROJAN HORSE. I've tasted their smartly twisted intelligent indie prog on more than a few occasions and with each crescendo fuelled display, they seem denser and more dangerous without losing an ounce of charm. As a string snaps they refuse to let it delay the next song "Laces Are Racist". This mingles their harmonic edge with a heavy gouging thunder, summoned by a guitar and ingeniously simple keyboards. And so the string is changed DURING the song without a fluster – it all adds to their impeccably exciting outlook. This set also has the real potential to inform an album proper. This quartet are on the cusp of something, as they leave you with a taste for yet more of their innovative dynamics and almost immortal hooks.


ELOHYMN are two parts Chorley and one part Mancunian but are strictly 100 percent post rock prog. Underneath the technical riffs and beats are robot noises and subliminal sonic subtexts. Charging this attack are subtle but essential effects, that shift the pitch and cause sequenced delays, all of which enhances an already spectacularly grand sound. At times they remind me of an instrumental Amplifier but with an acutely more angular attack. Unexpectedly, a song begins with some 50's American public information sound bites and slightly subdued electro beats. This flipside sound reveals a blossoming anthemic and ethereal 21st Century post rock outlook, that’s captured in the cascading themes, loops and eloquent guitar lines. Elohymn don't have to rely on big chords. Instead they can snap out quick multibeat passage, punctuated with millisecond pauses which lead into the next ascending or descent led theme. The trio create something of a conceptual set, with the backing tracks and consistent, connecting strands. The numbers of course become gigantic by the end, elevating the audience on something of a sonic mountain climb - with such altitude, comes the very best of views.


Sucioperro on the other hand take no prisoners - their well hewn power rock growls and rumbles between the chants and the accompanying guitar squeals disturb the mid-week night. This is more like hand grenades than choreographed heavy rock serenades. Current album “Pain Agency” attempts to hone the abrasive elements of their debut “Random Acts Of Intimacy” (2006) into something a little more commercially minded. It doesn’t seem to quite work, as the urgency and animalised attacks of the past seem far from the surface of the three piece’s jerky power rock rants. This is a band who have been something of a secret and who can unleash an often massive sound. But for all of their frenetic, abrasive but melodic counterpoints I don’t really get the kind of buzz I’d been looking forward to.

Trojan Horse

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