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:: Fi-Lo Radio :: Amplifier :: Oceansize :: CHAIRSMISSING :: TV Babies ::
24 May 2002 / The Roadhouse / Manchester
By ST1

Chairsmissing signed off three very important acts on Friday. Like saying goodbye to a trio of coming of age offspring, we tearfully sent off Oceansize, Amplifier and Fi-Lo Radio.

Fittingly Chairsmissing achieved another capacity crowd at its adopted home, The Roadhouse. With an ample introduction to the night by London’s TV Babies, the ante was set for plenty of noise and adrenaline fuelled guitar work. TV Babies grind out chords with the best of them, choosing a more lo-fi sci-fi route that mixes yelps and shrieks with crushing basslines and wall shaking drums. It’s B-Movie punk rock and roll condensed into a sharp penetrating shock of coloured hair and odd shaped guitars fuzzed up to the fretboard. With a foreign crowd they managed some spectacularly large levels of appreciation from an already expectant crowd.

Firmly on everyone’s agenda though was Fi-Lo Radio. Mixed in with their set was more than a handful of new tunes and they rock like a big rock type thing. Jon-Lees melodies and gruff, determined voice are enough, but the compelling combination of Judes bass and Chris’s drums are just perfect. A trio who sound like the sound of a thousand angry rockers. They make me happy. Very happy indeed.

As do Amplifier - another trio of noiseniks who again achieve the impossible from the work of only three men. Listen for the Rock epics – Not just anthems, but hymns dedicated to a sonic religion. “UFOs” and “Motorhead” are just too good to come mere mortals fretwork and effects pedals. Massive now, massive forever.

Oceansize came of age . We all came of age. This was THE defining moment when everything came together, the songs, the sound, the performance, the audience. “Amputee” is thrust out in all its glory. “Saturday Morning Breakfast Show”, “Catalyst” and the song you’ll be hearing on MTV2 all next year, or I’ll be damned, the utterly fantastic “Breed Siamese”.

There isn’t much to say, but if you missed it, I think you missed something really special. It was special to us.

There you go – short simple, satisfying – thank you – you know who you are – taxi !

* * * * *
MEN highlighted / feature gig : NME Northern Gig Of The Month : Drowned In Sound Five Star Review - thanks to all concerned


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