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Landmines Benefit Provides Sonic Blast
:: Dahl :: Oceansize :: The Theory ::
03 May 2002 / Middleton Civic Hall / Middleton

In summary this event is worthy of report for the sincere intention of creating a means to raise funds for MAG (The Landmines Charity). Dahl, long in development, big in changes tear out an emotive set. Big guitars, willowy guitar set pieces and a vocal line that sounds like James Walsh chirruping out songs that may well have made it onto The Bends. Very heady stuff, played with plenty of ethereal togetherness. Whilst these were songs carried like a torch and destined for greatness, a few more hooks wouldn’t go amiss, with a voice and great band that deserve some very credible recognition.

The Theory come all the way from Blackpool, bringing with them a large following. The set is toolong. Way too long. Because The Theory have a tuneful sensibility, some tight musicianship and a keen ear for rocking pop. But there’s only so many ways of warbling through tomorrows big guitar indie hit. Which is where The Theory need to focus. There’s no reason why they can’t adopt the punk ethos of short sharp songs and hit-them-hard sets. Because if they think about impressing a wider number of people over a shorter time, rather than dragging it out to an unsigned rock festival they can exploit the obvious quality that they’re quite capable of.

Oceansize don’t deserve a review. They’re just too damn good. Explosive. Just how mant words have we used over the last 2 years to try and describe their music. Our best recommendation is to go and see this band now. They’re intensely complicated and it won’t be long before they are out and into the wild blue yonder – a move befitting their sophisticated global rock. “Amputee” is reworked into a new epic. Slightly smoother, trickier with more bhp. What else can we say after they’ve just completed over half a dozen UK slots with The Cooper Temple Clause – receiving their own audiences of between 300-400 – and that’s just as an opening act playing 90 minutes before the headline.


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