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26 November 2004 / The BierKeller / Manchester
By Craig Mather

The nightís unpretentious and modest turnout didnít have an effect on the crowdís interest in any of the bands. Blowout favorites WFANFC displayed the constant enthusiasm that is expected from what some people think to be a great band on record but have to force the audienceís attention live. There are ideas, which arenít exactly abstract, yet could do with thinking about the most effective ways of being played because for the most part the lack of emotion and expansive electronics left some individuals feeling discomfited.

The Exports couldnít be a friendlier band on the other hand, worlds apart from WFANFC, doing Blowouts reputation for diversity a favour. Engaging and tighter than a straight jacket, The Exports brighten the place up with emotional, ardent and magnificently fast bass lines. They seem to have a different motivation for playing and ease about their place in the world that results in endearingly harmonious songs. That isnít to say the quintessential punk elements of The Exports music can't be heard, or seen, and itís moments like near the end of the set when the lead singer breaks down onto his knees that remain the most entertaining.

When the much hyped and kind of loved Keith grace the stage, instead of expectant edgy emotional numbers, the audience received a set that was mostly stuck together with old, and worse for it, congealed Radiohead type feelings that donít penetrate the audience. The band threw no big punches to topple anyone over with which wasnít expected although the glowing, building personal ideas of the band that I expected to maybe nestle under my skin were nowhere to be seen either. The band are polite and gracious but with more enthusiasm they could be exciting and the songs that are seamlessly and professionally played now, might be able to deservedly hold the crowds attention for longer in the future with a few more shows under their belts.

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