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Bringing you all the Release Reviews that matter since 1999

30 September 2002 / Rough Trade / 3 TRK CD
:: The Libertines ::
Londons', “THE” Libertines, rock up a melodic mix of The Undertones and Sham 69 mixed with Tommy Steeles cheeky 1960’s cockney banter and carnaby street adrenalised semi-psychedelia.

30 September 2002 / Twisted Nerve / 16 TRK CD
:: Various Artists :: feat: Andy Votel, Little Miss Trinitron, DOT, Badly Drawn Boy, Misty Dixon, Sironical, Cherrystones ::
Collectable? - a possible yes : Listenable? - a resounding no.

30 September 2002 / Echo (Universal) / 1 TRK PROMO CD
:: Feeder ::
Demanding a sing-a-along, where decibels dictate and where adrenaline injected powerchords provide an anthemic 3 minute ditty.

01 September 2002 / Detour / 17 TRK CD
:: Fast Cars ::
Not as "famous" as The Drones, later than their other inspirational brothers, Fast Cars never really made it, until now – with their original Vinyl offerings reaching ridiculous price tags in Japan - their legacy is now committed to CD

30 September 2002 / Mantra / FINISTERRE
:: Saint Etienne ::
Finistrerre has balls. Not the rock variety but big electro beats - disco nights on the town with a hip flask in your handbag. Drunken sophistication, clean production and more modernism than the Tate

23 September 2002 / City Slang / 8 TRK CD
:: SchneiderTM ::
A curiosity but the level of experimentation certainly surpasses that of “Fischerspooner” and despite the lack of tunes to beckon the top 30, it’s altogether a more rounded piece

16 September 2002 / North Country / 10 TRK CD
:: John Squire ::
Obviously a genius, but here though, is the product of being removed too far away his best work and maybe a touch too much self indulgence

23 September 2002 / Rough Trade / 3 TRK CD
:: The Strokes ::
The upteenth excursion from their Velvets indebted, but none the less impressive and imposing debut album

23 September 2002 / 679 / 10 Trk CD
:: The Polyphonic Spree ::
When Tim DeLaughter received his divine vision of this soon to be unique, witty and ultimately different band, maybe even he wasn’t to know how powerful a musical force it would become.

05 September 2002 / Promo / 4 Trk CD
:: Flannelmouth ::
Somehow they plug in some cosmopolitan sensibility, with tongues slightly in ironic cheek and create a little bit of magic to reach over a cold North Sea

Feel Fine
05 September 2002 / Demo / 2 Trk CD
:: Benedict ::
Fronted by Rhydian Dafydd, whose previous projects have not gone undetected, the band have a precarious mix of mid-90's two note fuzz guitar riffs, a subtle jangle, some US college rock cooing and a heartwarming, romantic lyrical leaning. Sounds Great ?.

Swallows and Amazons
01 September 2002 / Demo / 4 Trk CD
:: Minorplanet ::
Part of the burgeoning new electronic scene in Manchester, Minor Planet spin a complex web of trip hoppy pop

Highlight of Your Day
01 September 2002 / Demo / 3 Trk CD
:: Delaney ::
Destined for cult status and sponsorship deals with some, er, less than reputable film producers, yet bizarrely, they decided to change the name to Delaney, thereby sacrificing the modicum of individuality which would have marked them out

Where She Goes
07 September 2002 / Poolside / 3 Trk CD
:: Moco ::
So much realistic potential. Punk rock chords, off kilter jangles and toytown lyrics, capture the spirit of a late 70’s Carnaby Street and swinging 60’s ‘don’t give a fuck’ fun. Top 30 boys ? It should be.

The Warning
01 September 2002 / Centro Del Blanco / 2 Trk CD
:: The Bandits ::
A cross between The Doors and Dr Feelgood played with acoustic guitars and rattling Fender Squires, this is two 3 minute tracks, providing a quick fix of urban country rock and roll

Planet Helpless
03 September 2002 / Universal / 13 Trk CD
:: Puressence ::
A pounding march of reconciliation with die hard fans. Snatching the victorious power of ’96 and the harmonious qualities of ’98, This track reminds us that music is meant to move you. Shove you. Knock you over. It just screams “we’re back”.

My Dead Lover
01 September 2002 / Demo / 4 Trk CD
:: The Ghosts ::
Beautifully brooding and dark, yet it’s also hushed and relaxed in a comfortably numb kind of way

01 September 2002 / Demo / 2 Trk CD
:: 8 Days Late ::
Embryonic, but that’s no problem if the hints of promise shown here can be developed into something special, not something only worthy of a number

Lost Generation
01 September 2002 / Demo / 6 Trk CD
:: The Strap Ons ::
One of the more convincing and exciting ‘punk’ demos that anyones’ managed to put together. Pretty much the genuine article

01 September 2002 / Promo / 10 TRK CD
:: Adom ::
Evoking the atmosphere of U2 with a very modern swipe at dark pop, Adom are a very interesting proposition indeed.

Wrong / You Do, You Die
14 September 2002 / Valentine / 2 Trk 7” Vinyl
:: Les Flames! :: The Scaramanga Six (Wrath Records) ::
Inspired, split label, split single featuring the kings of Leeds The Scaramanga Six (Wrath Leeds) and the transpennine hybrids Les Flames! (ex-Chevron and on Manchester’s own Valentine)- not so much a rollercoaster, more a skyrocket

01 September 2002 / Warner / 11 Trk CD Album
:: Leaves :: (B-Unique Records) ::
Rich and pure but ultimately you feel as though you’ve heard it all before.

Feel What I feel
01 September 2002 / Skint / 3 Trk Cd
:: Lo Fidelity Allstars ::
A straight from the heart, slice of pop music - just oozes “summer fashion”, bouncing around without a care in the world, happy to be homeless, but delighted to be on your hi-fi

01 September 2002 / Pimp Records / 3 Trk CD
:: [Missed Her Bliss] ::
A juggernaught soundtrack, the heaviest of punk / metal. Honouring bands like Discharge and acknowledging the heavy metal system, [MHB] have very much their own sound.

Let The Transmitting Begin…
01 September 2002 / Gut / 3 Trk CD
:: Sikth ::
A three ring circus of hardcore metal. Intricate, complicated structures, song structures and timings

Give Me Love Or A Brand New Car
03 September 2002 / Mate / 4 Trk 12” Vinyl
:: Roger ::
There’s no reason why this couldn’t chart, get airplay – the whole shooting match really – it deserves nothing less than a hotel room full of drinks, mindbending medication and plenty of sex. Very well deserved it would be too.

01 September 2002 / Rawfish / 2 Trk Vinyl 7”
:: Bynatone ::
The bleeps, breakbeats and supercharged ambience take matters beyond even the realms of Alpine Stars

Straight To Video
01 September 2002 / BMG / SonyBMG / 2 Trk Vinyl 7”
:: Cosmetique :: (PPQ Records) ::
An odd blend of electropop, but with the haunting, maybe even menace, of a lighter Siouxsie Sioux

Meteor Attack
01 September 2002 / Rex Records / 5 Trk 10” Vinyl
:: Escape Pod ::
It’s 10 inches in diameter but has no speed instructions and crackles like the winter leaves under your foot on a sunny winter morning. But just like my old Tangerine Dream records, this collection sounds good at both 33 and 45 rpm

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