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:: Aidan John Moffat ::
21 January 2008 / Chemikal Underground / Audio Novel & Musical Callage CD
By Manuel Ecostos

Whilst his former band mate Malcolm M gains fame for proclaiming that we’re all “..Going To Die”, ex-Arab Strapper Aidan Moffat successfully lends his hand to the world of poetry and storytelling, with this intriguing collection of short musical movements and authored narrations. Possibly autobiographical, it’s a broadly sexual adventure, analysed and observed in detail via Moffat’s dry, Scottish accent. Obvious comparisons are drawn with Ivor Cutler and Burroughs, but with his regional voice cementing such views, it’s also hard not to think of Irvine Welsh too. Not only is this a clever exercise as it stands, the final product also includes a written element and some interactive content. If there’s a prize somewhere for this collision of music and British fiction, then Moffat surely deserves serious consideration. Some may wish that he wash his mouth out with soap and water, so fowl and lucid are some of his anatomical descriptions, but like all flowing words, it's the vivid patterns of music, speech and atmosphere that create such a discerning display of uniqueness.


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Chemikal Underground

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